Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well, I was going to do some serious blogging, but after watching Amanda do the belly bump with Michelle I have no other thought in my head! For one thing, I so remember Michelle as a little girl in church and GA camp. That beautiful hair and tiny voice as well as a tiny tummy! And then there was Amanda hangin' out with my precious niece Paige with all the Jr. high and High school stuff...slumber parties, cheer leading, etc. I'm just sure I can find a picture somewhere in all my stuff. So hold that thought and I'll add one later. When I can clear my head I will get back to blogging my first thought which was....?

In all seriousness - loved the belly shots (I have several of myself) and you are still as adorable as "back in the day."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Funeral services for Norma "June" Blythe, 71 of Van, will be at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8th at the First Baptist Church of Van under the direction of Hilliard Funeral Home. Family graveside services will be Monday, March 9th at 2:30 p.m. in Coweta, OK. After a courageous battle with cancer, Ms. Blythe went home to be with her Lord on March 5, 2009. She was a brave example for all, expressing love even in her last hours.

Born October 4, 1937, in Coweta, OK she spent most of her life in "her town", Van, TX. She graduated from Van High School and continued her journey there working in the school cafeteria for 20 plus years. She became known as the town hugger where she freely gave hugs to anyone who would accept them. Ms. Blythe attended the First Baptist Church and was a member of the Adult Three Sunday School class where so many aided in her care.

She was preceded in death by her loving parents, Bryan and Oreta Blythe.

Those left to cherish her memory are: her devoted sister, Barbara Gillentine and husband James of Longview, TX, nephews: Steve Gillentine and his wife Judy of Longview, and Chuck Gillentine and his wife Cindy of St. Louis, MO, niece: Julie Weldon and her husband Ed of Longview, and special friends: Patsy and John Green and Charlotte Terry of Van, and Frank and Nancy Alford of Longview. She will also be missed by ten great nieces and nephews who will continue her legacy of love.

The family wishes to extend a special thank you to the entire staff of Margaret's House and especially her home nurse, Kay who demonstrated great love and compassion during her final days. You are truly angels in disguise.

In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be sent Beacon Hospice at Margaret's House, 5016 Gilmer Rd. Longview, TX 75604.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blaire Bear

Look at this cutie pie - Blaire Bear! I had her all ready and looking cute for school last Thursday so I insisted that she practice some poses for me. Notice that hiney bo, it's not all diaper. That little girl has a behind. And they say she gets it from me! Today she and Blythe had a cat fight over the computer. Earlier she bopped Turner on the head with a hard plastic alligator. I'm not sure what that riff was about. She'll say "No, no Turn, Turn!" Having a big brother has taught her how to take up for herself. However, no need for that because Reed is constantly watching out her...making sure Turner doesn't have her baby (which she does not share - no negotiating), that her sippy cup is available and her blanket close by. He is quite the mother hen when it comes to "his baby." That's what he calls her - "my baby." Sometimes I suggest that she should try out the potty, but she says "No NayNay, I baby" and off she goes strutting her stuff. Soon enough she will be our big girl and proud of it. Just like Reed and Blythe she will slowly gain her independence and ween herself off her baby ways. Have we spoiled her? Sure, but not as much as Reed has. What a super big brother and what a precious baby girl.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

June is hanging in there, just lingering really. It is hurtful to watch her die. Yesterday I got there early and we were alone. She told me she was on her deathbed for sure. I replied that yes, I guess she was. I said, "June, are you scared?" She whimpered "Yeah." I said, "Well, I would be too. It's just the fear of the unknown." The unknown in that we've never been to heaven so that it is somewhat unknown. She answered "Yeah." I said "Well, you know the bible says Out of the body into the presence of God." June answered "Yeah, I'm going to meet my Maker." "And He will say Well Done, my good and faithful servant" I replied. When she said I hope so, I assured her that I knew He would. There is something very special about sharing time with someone who you know is in there last days. So soon she will be with God. Wow, I should be joyful for her, and I am as much as the human in me will allow it. It's hard to wrap my brain around the spirit world. Are we humans trying to live a spirit filled life or are we spirits living in a world of humans? Just a thought...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Open My Eyes Lord

This is my new very good friend, Ann aka MiMi. I had the pleasure of her company for almost 4 days while in California. She is Georgeanne's mother. Like they say "the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree" because she and I enjoyed each other just like Georgeanne & I do. I think so many times we miss opportunities for blessings that God has in store for us because we don't take advantage of them. Ann is so fun, smart, "with it", funny....and the list goes on. Rina did not like to share her MiMi so sometimes it was hard to get a word in edge ways, but we managed to build a close friendship in a few short days. Her body reminds her that she is getting older and she moves around slowly, but she is worth the wait. I pray I can always have my mind open to receive the gifts He offers everyday.
I visited June just a couple of hours ago. Remember my aunt who is very actively dying from cancer? Death certainly is not what television portrays it to be. What can I say other than it is just very, very sad to watch. Yet June continues to bless me. Through my tears I fed her ice as she can no longer raise her arms. She never forgot to say please or thank you though it was hard to understand between the moans. She is barely talking but she can manage to ask "Where do we go from here Lord?" I told her today that she was very brave. She said she didn't want to be. Maybe she should have said "I don't mean to be." It's just her, part of her character to never complain. She didn't in life and is proving that she won't in death. Peace be with you sweet June.

Monday, February 23, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I made it back from California. You guys know I love children, but...on the plane ride back, there was this little red headed baby girl who cried, no screamed the entire three hours. And where did she sit? That's correct, right in front of me. As if plugged up ears aren't bad enough, my head was pounding! However, Rina was a doll and enjoyed her big day. She really didn't care about the presents, but she liked her Elmo cake, I guess because she had been telling me about it all week. Her MiMi came on Wednesday and trimmed some worn overalls for her in red (Elmo colors) that she wore with her Elmo socks. She would have nothing to do with the matching hair clips. When Rina says "no" she means it. She was excited that her friends Sara, T.J. and Parker came as well as a host of others who I don't remember. When we went to Sequoia National Park to see the oldest tree on earth we also saw a bear. I was asking Georgeanne to come get in the picture with me and when I looked over her shoulder I saw a bear. I calmly said "Oh, there's a bear" until I realized that there was nothing between me and the bear except Georgeanne. Then it turned to "There's a BEAR!" Rina talked about the bear the rest of the week. She's never seen her Mommy, Poppy, and NayNay hustle that fast to get in the car. It was a fun week with my dear friend but I was ready to get home. I was greeted with lots of slobber kisses - no, not Steve but the puppy dogs. Then this morning they all busted in bright and early. All four of those little dolls - Reed, Blythe, Blaire & Turner. Of course NayNay had surprises for them all and they stayed occupied long enough for me to finish my coffee before the real work began.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunny California

Hey Friends,
I miss blogging, but I'm in Fresno cruisin' round town, looking at the snow topped mountains and shopping. Oh, and did I mention eating fantastic food? It would be easy to eat sensibly in California because everything is so fresh and healthy, but I can't stop. They have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods - how sad is that, I'm bragging about grocery stores. In Longview our fancy is Albertson's. So the olive bar at Whole Foods is a real treat. I have eaten lunch at Panera Bread three days in a row now and I'm sure that I have gained weight. That's why I'm only shopping for my grandbabies who I miss very much. My friend, Georgeanne is a Speech Pathologist so she is working during the day. Friday she is taking off and we are going to the Sequoia National Park. I will attach pictures when I get back home. Rina, Georgeanne's daughter is having her 2nd birthday Saturday and I am making her Elmo cake. My cake is in such demand that she had to fly me in to make it - couldn't break tradition, I made it last year. If it were not for Daddy, MaSue & Pop, Clay, Blake, and Katie, their spouses and the four grandchildren, I know Steve and I, and Bailey, Bubba & Barker could enjoy a lovely retirement right here in Fresno, California. God had other plans, so I will make the most of my little spot on this earth. So, goodbye for now all my Texas friends. I will eat my way back to Longview soon enough.